Bảng mã lỗi Beta Servo Amplifier Unit Fanuc

Bảng mã lỗi của Beta Series Servo Amplifier Unit Fanuc



1: The battery voltage of the absolute pulse coder is low. (warning)

2: The battery voltage of the absolute pulse coder is low

3: The motor has overheated (OHAL).

5, S: A communication error for the serial pulse coder was detected.

9: Reference position setting cannot be executed normally

11: When the absolute pulse coder is used, the motor has not yet rotated through more than one turn after the first power–up.

c: An overcurrent alarm or IPM alarm

C: Faulty cooling circuit

E: An error was detected in the RAM write/read test at power–up.

J: The regenerative discharge unit has overheated

P: DC link low voltage alarm

U: A parameter that requires power–down has been specified.

u: A first to third reference position return cannot be executed because the reference position has not yet been established.

Y: DC link overvoltage alarm

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